Call Her Daddy Update, Sofia Finally Speaks

So if you haven’t been paying attention to the Call Her Daddy drama I’ll give you a quick run through. Basically the CHD girls, Alex and Sofia, started shopping around the podcast with help from Sofia’s new boyfriend. They are under contract and Barstool owns the CHD name. Turns out you aren’t allowed to break a contract or shop your podcast around while under contract, shocking I know.

Alex wanted to take the Barstool deal because it was wild to not take it and the way it sounds is that Sofia and her HBO Exec. boyfriend continued to move the goal post. Sofia decided to speak out and honestly it didn’t do much to help her case… at all.

After seeing her story Portnoy had to respond the only way he knows how to.

I think what is going to end up happening is Alex will get Call Her Daddy and probably bring on a different cohost. That way Alex will get the IP like she wants and the show can stay pretty much the same. I am positive there is some girl in NYC would love to talk about fucking and gluck glucks once a week for a check. Dave said Sofia is still welcome back, I doubt it happens but if it does I imagine it will be as a new podcast, probably pretty similar to Call Her Daddy with a new cohost. I can also see Sofia trying to sue over something she doesn’t have rights to and then she kind of fades away after losing the lawsuit.

Of course with all of this the internet did what it does best.


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