The Reno 911! Reboot is a huge swing and a miss…..and Quibi sucks

During my break from blogging Qubi was announced as the latest and greatest in streaming services (and my blogging resurgence will most likely outlast them). Anyways Quibi announced they’d be reviving one of my favorite shows from the mid 2000’s Reno 911!

I was very excited when I found out a revival was coming…until I found out I’d have to pay $4.99 a month to watch and the episodes would only be 7 minutes long. Yes you read that right 7 FUCKING MINUTES LONG and with 12 episodes planned that is a whopping 84 minutes of new Reno 911! What a fucking buzzkill.

Now I could also shit on the fact you can only watch Quibi on your phone and one of their selling points is a show where Chrissy Teigen is a judge (if I walked into a courtroom and she was overseeing my case I’d just ask for the death penalty) but that’s a whole different blog in itself. I’m here to discuss why the creators of Reno 911 went about the revival all wrong.

First off if you remember the original series was created to parody the biggest cop show at the time, COPS. Obviously COPS is not a thing anymore so this dates the show a bit. And before anyone replies “Chavy COPS still airs new episodes on the Paramount Network!” I know. But it’s the fucking Paramount Network nobody watches it. Perfect example, the show Waco aired on the Paramount Network 2 YEARS AGO to little fanfare. Fast forward to 2020 and it’s currently a hit on Netflix with millions just finding out about it thus proving my point. Anyways the point is nobody watches COPS anymore because there’s a new police show in town that makes COPS look like total fucking pussies.

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LIVE MOTHERFUCKING PD is the new cop show and has the perfect premise to parody. For the record I don’t think the parody version of Tom Morris Jr. would be as funny as the original and if you don’t believe me check out his posts on r/LivePD.

This type of revival would bring back fans of the series who are curious to see how this new spin on the series would play out (and keep them around once the nostalgia wears off) and the fans of LivePD who have no idea what Reno 911 is.

This idea is too good to pass up so to the creators of Reno 911 I say this. Once Quibi goes under (and it will) I am willing to part ways with this idea for a small fee so you can  bring this to life on the small screen (a TV not my phone). Balls in your court Lt Dangle.


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