The Bearded Ginger has Arrived

What’s going on everyone I’m the new guy here and my name is Keith Walsh(@Keith_Walsh18 on Twitter). Most people just call me Walsh so that’s what i’ll be going by. Plus we’ve all seen the Family Guy episode where the name Keith gets called out for being the most unattractive male name…You can take one look at me and just see that’s not true.


So exactly who am I? I’m a bearded ginger who loves everything Philly sports especially the Flyers. While I love the Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies, none of them will ever top my love for the boys in orange and black. If I’m not watching the Flyers you can find me hanging out downing some ice cold beers.

I went to college at Kutztown University and loved it. After being there for 4 years and having more time left then I wanted, I decided I was too cool for school and didn’t finish. I accepted a full time job offer and that was the end of my college career. Was it the smartest decision? Probably not, but I’m doing pretty well for myself even without that expensive piece of paper and I have no regrets.

Besides sports I enjoy movies, tv shows, and video games you know the usual dude stuff. I’m a huge movie guy and probably spend way too much time watching them and can quote way too many of them. If I had to pick my favorite of all time I’d have to go with either Miracle or Tommy Boy. I can pretty much quote both of them word for word thats how many times I’ve seen them.

I grew up with my parents separated so I got to live the best of both worlds with my mom living in the suburbs in Langhorne/Holland and my dad living in Northeast Philly until he decided to move to Bensalem. I’ve got four siblings with me being the oldest which is pretty great.

Other than that I’m a washed up average hockey player who drinks beer, enjoys wings and will absolutely dominate you on the beer pong table. I’ve got ice in my veins and when you need someone to hit a big shot I’m your guy. Check out the evidence below…

Those two shots are just a few of the great performances I’ve put on while running the table. Some have even compared me to Jordan in his prime…who am I to tell them they’re wrong.

I swear I don’t have as big of an ego as this little about me sounds. Im excited to be joining the Branded team and appreciate them giving me the opportunity to let my voice be heard and look forward to giving you all some quality content.


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