Jordan Said He Could Beat His Hornets Players 1 v 1 And Miles Bridges Wants A Piece


This Last Dance doc was supposed to make us all hate Jordan and consider him the world’s biggest ass hole. Instead NBA fans seem to just be turning on current players. Calling them soft and mentally weak and I have to agree. LeBron looks like Mr. Softy after that series. And if he was one of Jordan’s teammates he would have ended every practice in a puddle of tears. LeBron would have requested a trade before preseason even started. But that’s a conversation for another day. Today is all about Jordan vs the Charlotte Hornets 1 v 1. Who would win?

In short. Michael. And I know you’re thinking but he’s 57 years old. And you’re right he is. But I feel like any time you challenge him to something, age is no longer a factor. Jordan could be 80 years old walking with a cane at a snails pace. But the second some rookie tweets out, “I could have beat Mike 1 on 1.” He is going to lace up some Air Ones and magically he’ll be able to walk again. No doubt in my mind that he’s so mentally tough that he could will himself to play at any age. If he was paralyzed I think his anger and drive could power him to stand again just to embarrass someone.

So let’s look at this Hornets roster. And first and foremost, I love Miles Bridges, Michigan State guy. Go Sparty. But you’re 23-42. You can’t beat average NBA talent and you want to step up to the GOAT. Feels like a ‘stay in your lane’ moment. But I’ll play your game, here’s how the 1 v 1’s would go, if they played to 11 win by 2.

Miles Bridges: Same height, a little bigger than Jordan. Mike beats him 11-7. Bridges tries to bully Mike and Jordan finishes with 8 steals.

Devonte Graham: 11-3. Graham hits a few far out shots because he can’t do anything inside.

Terry Rozier: 11-2. Terry tries to just run by Jordan and gets blocked no less than 20 times.

PJ Washington: 11-0 Rookie gets taken to the cleaners.

Cody Zeller: 11-2 bodies MJ down low for two baskets. Jordan shoots 11 for 11.

Malik Monk: 11-0 because Monk doesn’t even play out of fear it will hurt his social media brand.

Bismack Biyombo: 11-4 and Jordan just spends the entire game insulting his name.

Cody Martin: 11-1, Jordan didn’t know this guy was on the team before they played.

Dwayne Bacon: 6-1. Even though he’s in great shape Jordan calls him “fat boy bacon” the entire game until he quits half way.

After the game against Bacon, Jordan takes on Hernangomez, Batum, Martin and McDaniels and the same time. Winning a nail biter 11-9. Joe Chealey retires so he doesn’t have to play.

And that’s that. Don’t believe Jordan would actually do this? Go ask Corey Benjamin



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