Hi I’m Chavy the newest blogger here at Branded Sports.

I really don’t know how to introduce myself to start this blog. Do I go the YouTube Vlogger route?

“Hey what’s up everyone I’m Chavy and before you read this blog don’t forget to smash that subscribe button, leave a comment below and click on that little bell in the corner to get notified when I drop new content!”

Or do I go with something a little bit more alpha esque?

“Hi I’m Chavy and I came here to do two things, blog circles around everyone else and chew bubble gum. And I’m all out of bubble gum?”

How about this instead?

I’m Tyler (my kayfabe name is Chavy) and I’m the newest blogger at Branded Sports. A little about myself I’m a comedian (regional comic in northwest Ohio so don’t expect me to see me slinging jokes on a streaming service anytime soon), I used to run a blog (RIPIP Nosebleed Takes) and I like to make people laugh.

Also since the word “sports” is 50% of our brand (you see what I did there?) I feel like I need to let you the reader know where my sports allegiance lies.

College Sports: Ohio State Buckeyes (I swear I’m not one of those asshole fans).

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals (Wild Card or Bust this year).

MLB: Cincinnati Reds (I only watch a game if I’m at Great American Ballpark, but I’ll try watching more for the sake of the content).

NBA: Wherever Rajon Rondo plays and the Boston Celtics (Before you judge me for currently liking 2 of the best teams in the NBA remember this, I had to STAN the Mavs, Kings, Bulls, and Pelicans before Rondo landed on the Lakers so I’ve earned this).

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks (but I’ll be honest I don’t watch that often unless I’m going to a game).

So now that you know my where my sports fandom lies that can give you an idea what I’ll be blogging about here on Branded Sports.

I feel like if I stuck to blogging about sports (especially during this pandemic) I’d be sitting on the blogging sidelines for a few months. Thankfully I have a few other things I plan to blog about.

I’m a huge wrestling fan and before you call me a nerd you should know this, I’m not talking WWE wrestling, I am talking Japanese wrestling (I sometimes wake up at 3AM to watch a wrestling PPV), AEW wrestling, and various independent promotions. So I think the term you’re looking for to describe me is “Übernerd”.

I also love playing old video games (mostly SNES, PS1 and PS2 games) so you can expect some blogs about the funny or just outright crazy things I’ll come by during my playthrough’s. Currently I’m playing MLB 2005 on my PS2 and through 10 games so far in my franchise mode I’m undefeated and getting the Cincinnati closer to a championship than they’ve gotten me in my lifetime. I also picked up Madden 97 and Madden 98 for the PS1 over the weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing just how hard it’ll be to tackle someone without the use of a hit stick and relaying the information to you the Brander’s (is that what we’re calling the fans?).

I guess some other things you can expect me to blog about are whatever funny things I find on Reddit (and let’s just air this out now before someone digs this up, yes I am subscribed to r/trashyboners) and whatever funny hypotheticals hit my brain waves while I sit at work or at home.

Anyways I think to wrap things up I’ll say this. It’s been about 8-9 months since I’ve blogged so as I’m dusting off the cobwebs my grammar and formatting may be rough for a few blogs. But if you’re willing to overlook things like commas being used instead of periods and the occasional use of “your” instead of “you’re” I promise you that my content will cure any boredom you have during this quarantine, and any future boredom you’ll have at work.

Follow me on Twitter @AgentChavyScarn

And oh yeah….

let’s get fucking weird!

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