David Dobrik Has An Ad With Chipotle That Has Over One BILLION Views



If you don’t know who David Dobrik is, first off where have you been old man? David was one of the big vine stars from a few years ago, now he makes YouTube videos. Him and his friends basically just film non stop and he puts out a 4:20 video each week, kind of like a highlight video.

The above video is a TikTok that David made announcing a sponsorship they were doing. All you had to do was make a video and use the hashtag #ChipotleSponsorMe and #Contest to enter. 5 winners and each winner gets free chipotle for a year.

There is over 1.5 BILLION WITH A B VIEWS ON THAT HASHTAG. TikTok just does dumb fucking numbers dude. David’s video has over 7 million views on it but that means there is a combined 1 billion views across TikTok on just random people using a hashtag. That’s crazy.

Being one of the younger guys at Branded I feel like the responsibility of TikTok falls onto my shoulders but dude I think I’m just too old. Will need to do a deep dive to see how a 24 year old can go viral on TikTok. It won’t be through dancing I’ll tell you that.

Here is a video from David’s podcast of him telling his friend Jason about the contest.

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