Bryce Harper Offers Up Some Ideas For The 2020 Season

AJ Torres

We all miss baseball in this town, and want it back as soon as possible. The only thing is we are all in the unknown of how it would work. We’ve heard 82 games and possibly different division mix ups but other than that we are clueless. Bryce Harper went to social media to give his two sense on the situation.

If we’re being honest, a College World Series format would be interesting in a good way! Something we have never saw before in MLB history. Doing it at the new Texas Rangers Stadium would be a neat as well being that it is brand new. Bryce suggesting Vegas is hysterical though. We see you trying to give yourself a home field advantage. I mean I love the effort from my guy.

The only kink I’d have with his proposal is keep it at 9 innings. That’s something I don’t like toying with. It completely takes out the strategic planning from the skipper in the middle and late parts of a ball game. Other than that I think Bryce brings up a decent plan. Just don’t think the owners would ever go for it.


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