There’s Another Pandemic That is Causing More Destruction Than Corona

Yes, I know, covid19 is ravaging the earth, and it seems to be unstoppable.  The country is shut down, people are losing their businesses, and worst of all, people are dying.

There’s only one thing on the planet that could make covid worse than it already is – and it’s something that has been a problem for years.

Toxic Masculinity.

I’m tired of men walking around acting like their shit don’t stink.  Believing they are the superior gender.  Claiming “I’m too big and tough for the virus to get me!”

It’s seriously disgusting.  You think the virus picks and chooses who it goes after?  You think your hair gel, cut off t-shirt, and 7″ inseam Chubbies are going to make you immune from corona?

And now, worst of all, men think that they are too good to wear masks in public.


Jesus Christ, Chad.  We get it.  You’re tough as shit.  Chicks might not dig you if you wear a mask.  You may not be able to smell their pheromones from a quarter mile away anymore.

Let me ask you something.  How many chicks can you smash if you’re DEAD?  HMMM????

That’s what I thought, you barbaric, toxic, douchey animals.

Grow up and wrap a useless bandana around your face like the rest of us.




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