The Eagles Planned to Pick Christian McCaffery In The 2017 NFL Draft


Love listening to Inside the Birds because each week you learn some low key fascinating nugget about the Eagles. This week, they brought up a point they had done previously but I had totally forgotten about: In 2017, the Eagles were set to draft Christian McCaffery. He never fell to them, he only lasted to Pick 8. The rest is history, but for a few hours that night, McCaffery was their guy.

The McCaffery conversation occurs around the 31 minute mark.

I think Adam Caplan, who was the one who broke that story, sums it up best. As great as it would be to have McCaffery on the Eagles, they might be better off with Miles Sanders. He is an emerging star who will cost less and didn’t require as much draft capital to get. They are both two of the best dual threat running backs in the league. McCaffery may be the best therein the league, but Sanders is one hell of a consolation prize.


Maybe everything happens for a reason. Maybe McCaffery didn’t fall to the Eagles because Derek Barnett was supposed to be here to recover that fumble in Super Bowl LII. Maybe Legarette Blount or Jay Ajayi don’t happen, two great leaders on the 2017 team. Maybe it didn’t work out because Miles Sanders is supposed to be the next great running back in Eagles history.


Me personally, I’m still waiting on the Reuben Foster all-pro campaign baby!

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