Sports Are BACK – If You Count Soccer


The Bundesliga has announced that they will be the first major soccer league to confirm a return to action as the 2019/20 season will start this weekend.

Admittedly I am not a big soccer guy – but in these times of struggle – I will not be complaining. Instead I will be taking a deep dive later today to see what I can find out about #ThisLeague, gambling, & how to pick winners. Look out for a follow-up blog with some official Bundesliga picks. After all, this is another sport that we can gamble on, so let’s go out and win some money.

If you are unfamiliar with the Bundesliga – check out some facts below:

What Is The Bundesliga?

Bundelsiga is the top tier soccer league in Germany & one of the most respected leagues in all of Europe. For more information regarding the nuances of the league take a look at this article. There are some fascinating things in their such as:

“The 50+1 rule guards against this. In short, it means that clubs – and, by extension, the fans – hold a majority of their own voting rights. Under German Football League [DFL] rules, football clubs will not be allowed to play in the Bundesliga if commercial investors have more than a 49 percent stake. In essence, this means that private investors cannot take over clubs and potentially push through measures that prioritise profit over the wishes of supporters. The ruling simultaneously protects against reckless owners and safeguards the democratic customs of German clubs.”

When Does The Season Start?

Saturday May 16th

Will The Games Be Shown In The Middle Of The Night?

No – these games are played early morning (9:30 ET – weekends) or in the afternoon (noon or 2:30 PM)

See schedule for 5/16 (all games in Central Time Zone in graphic below)


Will Their Be Fans At The Game?

No not at the moment

How Can I Watch?

Fox Sports has an exclusive deal to broadcast the games in America. Check out this link for more info

Who Should I Bet on?

Stay tuned – I will post a follow-up blog with official picks

In the meantime here are some Bundesliga highlights.

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