Philadelphia’s Favorite Clown, Howard Eskin, Falls For Embiid Troll


Howard Eskin hates the Sixers. He has been anti-Process and everything that comes with it, including Joel Embiid.

So when a Twitter user sent Eskin a screenshot of Joel Embiid outside of Shake Shack, he bit the cheese. Commenting in reply to a report Brett Brown would like to Embiid 36 minutes in playoff games, Eskin had this to say:


One problem with this, well aside from not letting people have privacy: this photo was taken last April. In New York. By TMZ.
The video from TMZ’s YouTube is one of their on the street interviews after they caught Embiid in New Tork during the Brooklyn Nets series. It’s over a year old at this point. You can verify it by the hoodie he is wearing, among many other things.
Many forget that the “out of shape” Embiid played 46 minutes in Game 7 against Toronto last year. The Sixers was at +10 while he was on the court and -12 when in the two minutes he was off.
So I don’t know, seems like the Sixers have larger issues than Joel Embiid eating Shake Shack over a year ago. Nice try though Howard!
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