New Trade Rumor Has the Sixers Sending Al Horford to the Kings


How is there a legitimate trade rumor for Al Horford floating around the internet and no one told me?! In a trade scenario proposed by Bleacher Report, the Sixers would unload Horford (and a 2nd round pick) onto the Kings in exchange for Harrison Barnes.


The Horford experiment in Philly clearly isn’t working, and the Sixers would greatly benefit from instead having a wing who can shoot in their starting five.

Horford’s contract won’t be easy to offload, however, with three years and $81 million remaining after this season. The Sixers will likely have to take back some bad money, as well.

That’s where Barnes makes sense. The 27-year-old forward will have three years and $60.9 million left on his contract, a lower number than Horford but still a higher deal than his production (14.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 0.6 steals in 34.9 minutes per game) would warrant”

 *courtesy of Bleacher Report

I love how people were concocting these unrealistic trades where the Sixers traded with the Kings, but in return the Sixers got Buddy Hield. Usually, teams don’t trade good assets for a very expensive bad asset. But, it wouldn’t be the first time the Sixers fleeced the Kings in a trade (*chanting* THANK YOU HIN-KIE!)

Harrison Barnes would be a much more realistic scenario because the contract cap hits would match better and work for each team. Both of these players would be better off with a change of scenery. They aren’t good, but they would be better somewhere else. Nothing Barnes does is any better than Tobias Harris. If he makes like, a single three in the 2016 NBA Finals there is no miraculous Cavs comeback and the Warriors win again. But, it frees the Sixers from the black hole Al Horford creates in the paint. So for that, I’m in.

Al Horford hasn’t done a single thing right for me since I picked Florida to win it all in my 2005-06 March Madness bracket pool. He tortured me as a Celtic. And somehow he tortured me more as a Sixer. I would trade him for three pennies and a ball of lint. But, this move works too!


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