Madden Simulation Calls Bill Belichick A Bitch


Yo Madden? Who the fuck you think you are dude? 0-4 to start the season? Get out of here you nerd boy computer system. And The Bucs 4-0? You’re out of your mind. Bill has the brains to turn the Pats into another dynasty with whoever at center. This is just completely ass backwards. I mean the Bengals at 3-1. Joe is the man but he’s not 3-1 the man yet. That team still stinks out loud. The checkdown can kick rocks. Madden football can kick rocks and John Madden himself can pound sand.

Unless he’s dead, then I take that back. I have no idea if he is or isn’t but I feel like he might be so just to be safe I’m officially taking that back.

RIP John Madden

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