Is Jalen Hurts The Hottest Athlete In Philadelphia Sports History?


Without even suiting up for a game for the Eagles, am I ready to declare Jalen Hurts the hottest athlete in Philadelphia Sports history?



When the Eagles first drafted Jalen I wasn’t sure what that green would do for him. Especially because I am starting to feel like people are even scared to photoshop a Bengals jersey on Joe Burrow. Like, what the fuck is this???


But after seeing this Kelly green mockup on Jalen Hurts I am declaring him the hottest athlete in Philadelphia sports history.


Let’s consider other Eagles options. Zach Ertz is a strong #2 but who else do we really have to choose from? McNabb? Brian Dawkins? Jason Kelce? Carson Wentz isn’t exactly a heartthrob.

Any threats over on the Sixers? I love Allen Iverson but he could never thirst trap. Dr J wasn’t exactly a panty dropper. I’m sure there aren’t any flyers players that could rock that white suit like Jalen.

At this point I know everyone is just screaming WHAT ABOUT BRYCE HARPER?!?!?!

This the guy??? Couldn’t hold Jalen Hurts’s jockstrap.


People fawn over Bryce Harpers hair? Jalen can give you artistic fade…

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And blonde dreads.

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