I Hate My Co-Worker and I Don’t Know How to Handle It

We’re deep into quarantine which has us all working from home. But, even out here in our own home offices, I’m still having a problem with one of my co-workers at Branded Sports. I was hoping to hear from people who read our blogs that may experience similar issues in their workplaces.
So, we’re in this very intense blog-off where the two teams go head to head to see who can get the most clicks on blogs. Our team captain, Ali, picked a team full of talented and hard working bloggers. We were up all hours of the night cranking out blogs for this company. Despite blatant cheating from the opposing team, we held our heads high and kept grinding. All of us, except Branded Patriot.
You see, there’s always one kid in the group project who does none of the work, but still gets the same grade as everyone else. They sign the sheet to join the group and you don’t see them again until final presentation day. The rest of the group has to pick up the slack in between. For us, that kid was BP.
We all worked our asses off. Even Jesse, who was juggling a new baby and blogging at the same time. Yeah a whole baby, the ones that like cry and poop and all that. But he was there for us. Everyone was, except for Branded Patriot.
I guess this one is on me for entrusting a New England sports fan. They’re only there when it’s convenient for them. Boston was a baseball town until Tom Brady showed up. Now they pack Gillette every week since they make an annual Super Bowl trip. Where was that support in the 80’s and 90’s. This is the same city who cast aside Isiah Thomas like he was chopped liver. He played his heart out on one hip after his sister died and they just threw him to the wayside for Kyrie Irving. Who didn’t even like Boston!!!
The blog-off is coming to a close and we’ve barely heard a peep from the Charleston trash that is Branded Patriot. We’ve been letdown and backstabbed by someone who we once thought wasn’t just a co-worker, but a friend.
It’s the most pain I’ve felt in, well, 3 hours. Since I got cucked on a Jadeveon Clowney story by the asshole CEO who runs this company.
If anyone else is having similar issues with coworkers, I would love to connect and be there to support one another. Unlike Branded Patriot was there to support me.
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