How Fire Is This Edit of Jalen Hurts In a Kelly Green Eagles Jersey?


There are very few times a large portion of the internet is ever in agreement on anything. But seemingly every Eagles fan agrees that the team needs to bring back Kelly Green uniforms.

This edit of Jalen Hurts in the Kelly green jerseys is all I needed to see to know these would be fire:


I didn’t even need to see Jalen Hurts in the Kelly Green to know this jersey is a must. Firstly because I am not in the business of saying nice things about Jalen Hurts. He shouldn’t be on this team. But secondly, because they brought these uni’s back for one game and Mike Vick, who makes everything look cool, absolutely killed that shit. Mike Vick wearing these jerseys, saved us from Kevin Kolb.


So, I’ll leave it up to the rest of the fans to see how they would feel about that edit. Jeffrey Lurie said it could be something the team could introduce down the road. Would we want the Kelly Green back, and if so, permanently?

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