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If you are asking yourself, what is is FAL Nation? Let me first start but letting you know what a FAL is.

The FAL’s are the loyal followers and listeners to the greatest sports radio show to ever grace the airwaves, Morning Men.

Morning Men is on 6AM-10AM M-F on Mad Dog Sports Radio, Ch. 82 on SiriusXM. The show is hosted by Evan Cohen (@EvCoRadio) and Mike Babchik. (@Babchik)

For anything and everything you need to know about the show/Evan & Babs… Check out my other blog: Meet The Morning Men.

The term FAL originated when the namesake of the station Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo (who is known for his linguistic skills) accidentally called someone FAL instead of PAL. The Morning Men Army took with it, ran with it… And never looked back.

One of the leaders of the Army (and host of the show.) Mike Babchik is the biggest lovable loser type you’ll ever meet. He is will eat an entire pizza, wash it down with a 12 pack of bud light orange… And make you pay for it.

He has also been the most entertaining person on the internet through this quarantine..

The FAL’s are 100% part of the show. They contribute a huge amount of knowledge and laughs every day through Twitter & Calls. They really are a family, and an army that you trust me… Never want to be on the wrong side of.

They are so much a part of the show that every year Mad Dog Sports Radio & The Morning Men host: FALcon. An event where all the FAL’s come to party at an amazing location along with Evan & Babs doing a live show.

They even get together for FALmas (which I was lucky enough to attend a few years ago.) And, before the lockdown Evan & Babs hosted FALifornia.

FALnation even has many celebrities part of it’s family. Including from Linda Cohn (@lindacohn) to the one and only Lisa Ann. (@thereallisaan)

But, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to some of the very best of the FAL’s. You are all amazing, this blog would be pages long if I mentioned you. (Just go on twitter and search FAL, you will find hundreds of new friends.)

The Father of the FAL’s!
The QUEEN of the FAL’s!
Lisa From Mushwear
All the way from Canada..
The better half of BdalFal
Probably the smartest of all the FAL’s
The FAL with the best grammar.
Dude hangs from skyscrapers
Big Man on the FAL Campus!
Best profile pic in FAL Nation
(besides Miss BDal)

Like i said earlier… There are too many to name. Every FAL is freakin awesome. Go on twitter and follow those ten, search for more, get involved and get ready to ride the wave.

FAL NATION… I see you.

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