Eagles Are OUT On Jadeveon Clowney

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This to me feels less like a talent issue and more like a cap issue. The Eagles are going into next year, currently on paper, $40+ Million over the salary cap. Adding another guy that is looking to get paid is not ideal. But there is also the real chance that the Eagles are the ones leaking this. Make sense for them to try and drive the asking price down a bit if they do want to get him under contract.

I think if the price is right you definitely make a play at him but you can’t over extend yourself for this guy. He is a talent, don’t let the butt hurt fans tell you any different. I hate him for what he did to Carson last year too but that doesn’t make him a nobody and unsignable. If you can add quality players to this defense you do it. The corners are going to need as much help as they can get this year with a stacked lineup of wide receivers the Eagles will see. The best way to help the secondary is hit the quarterback. They are like the chicken and the egg. Is it the defensive line pressure that is causing the great coverage or the great coverage giving the line time to get to the QB. The world will wonder.

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