Antonio Brown is BACK

Antonio Brown is a pending free agent and probably will be for quite some time. Actually, he probably will be forever. So, if the NFL career is over after setting a record for the most amount of burnt bridges, AB is going to need to find a new line of work. Maybe, just maybe, he won’t have to look too far past the NFL.

On’s MNF color commentator book, Brown has +10,000 odds to be selected as the new host of ESPN’s broadcast. 

Brown sits at the bottom of the list, which is led by former quarterback Brian Griese. Followed by Dan Orlovsky, Louis Riddick and Matt Hasselbeck at +500, there’s a significant gap between believing ESPN hires from within and reaches out to AB.

*courtesy of SI All Steelers 

Interesting to see if the Commissioners Exempt List applies to just NFL players, or NFL commentators as well. With the rate AB was going last fall, I would not be shocked if he got suspended from the MNF job before he even took the booth.

For rivalry games, ESPN always does though insane all-access promotions where they feature the game in some form or fashion on every single network. What if, they started doing a spin-off broadcast of Monday Night Football that was just completely haywire and off the rails. Have Pat Mcafee host it and have Antonio Brown be one of the analysts commentating on the games or really have him commentate on anything his little heart desires. It would be a glorious yet entertaining disaster.


As a Carson Wentz truther myself, I’m hoping Dan Orlovsky lands the Monday Night Football gig. But if he doesn’t, throw caution to the wind and just let Antonio Brown hop in the booth. What’s the worst that could happen? (Don’t answer that).

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