All The Philadelphia Latest News From The Week


A lot of Philly sports news this week happening so I thought to myself. “Self, toss it all in one blog for the people to read.” So boom. Here you go:

Eagles are now OUT on Clowney

Mets are trying to steal JT Realmuto form the Phillies

GMFB breaking down why Carson Wentz is a top 5 quarterback 

Wentz vs Dak MVP betting odds 

Bryce Harper being compared to Ken Griffey Jr

Philly about to do a 4 for 4 championship sweep

Eagles have 7 players in the top 101 of PFF’s All-Decade players

Build the ultimate Phillies starting line up

Saints fans complaining about the Eagles

Eagles players caught in Ponzi Scheme

Al Horford’s sister is horny on twitter

Dez Bryant back in the NFC East

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