What Could Have Been?

Could you imagine Michael Jordan being a 76er? Neither could I, but back in 1984 before he was drafted, it almost came a reality. Just thinking about MJ in a 23 black Sixers uniform would’ve been epic. Former Sixers owner Jonathan Kolver says “ I thought I had a deal for the 3rd overall pick” for Julius Erving straight up. Rod Thorn the former Bulls GM at the time confirmed the comments made by Kolver. He noted that they had some very strong offers by the Sixers and Mavericks on Draft day of 1984.

Imagining the possibility of this trade actually going through is mind boggling. The Sixers would’ve have given up 34 year old Julius Erving for the 3rd overall pick. That would have given them the 3rd & 5th overall pick that year eventually leading them to draft Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. That sixers team would have been absolutely deadly. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Andrew Toney, Maurice Cheeks, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones all on one NBA team. They would win 55+ games every year EASILY!!! If the Sixers could have pulled that off, there’s no knowing how many finals that team could have accomplished together.

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