Travis Kelce Thinks Patriots Fans Hate Him Because He Is White And Wears 87

First of all there is really not a “rivalry” between the Patriots and the Chiefs. The Chiefs have never beat the Patriots in a meaningful game, not in New England and not even at home. But Chiefs fans have the least amount of self awareness of any fanbase in the NFL. I guess it’s really perpetual positivity, just cashing a dynasty check that they don’t have yet.

No one is a better mascot than Travis Kelce.

“Pats fans, for whatever reason, just hated me for being a white tight end wearing 87. Like, if I would have had on 84, none of this would have ever been talked about. But because I wore 87, all of a sudden the Pats nation absolutely hated me.”

What Travis doesn’t realize is that even if he wore the worst number of all time #17 we would still hate him. What does being white even have to do with anything? I thought in Boston we were supposed to loooove guys being white? Convenient to change the narrative now.

The only part of the country that doesn’t try to compare Travis Kelce to the other white tight tend that wears 87 is New England. Patriots fans literally do not spend time thinking about Travis Kelce. I get more worked up over Mahomes’s girlfriend screaming in an Instagram story than I do anything Travis Kelce does.

Let’s help Trav out.

In this case, it feels extremely straightforward why Pats fans hate Kelce and it’s not really even because of Travis Kelce himself. Imagine trying to argue with someone that the sky is blue. You’ve seen the sky a billion times with your own eyes–you know it’s true. Stone cold fact. And then some people come along telling you that the sky is actually brown. Like no, it’s for sure blue what kind of eyes do you have? You may need to see a doctor. It’s a frustrating argument to make because you don’t even really know how to debate an actual fact. That’s what it’s like being in the comment section of any tweet with the Travis Kelce > Rob Gronkowski graphic saying “hate it but it’s true”.

The entire world loves Gronk because he is genuine. He is weird and obnoxious and a complete meathead but no matter what he is always Gronk. It’s not an image. As anyone in the public spotlight that’s really hard to do. I don’t have the PowerPoint presentation Chiefs fans want with hard evidence and facts but Travis Kelce just doesn’t seem natural. A gut reaction; it just feels like it’s a little forced. Almost like he’s just doing a Gronk impression. And if there’s one thing we can do in Boston, we can spot bullshit.


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