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Good afternoon readers and fellow bloggers as I know you are reading this. We are almost to the end of this week long contest and I wanted to provide so high level observations I’ve made. For those of you wondering, what blog-off? This week we’ve broken the bloggers into two different teams. Team with the most clicks wins and the losing team will have to do a netflix live stream saturday night. Movie of the wining team’s choosing.

Now let’s get into the updates:

  1. Team CEO Joe is currently winning. We don’t divulge clicks here but towards the end of the day yesterday my team had a 4 figure lead over team Ali.
  2. There has been some controversy over new comer AJ. Rumbles that he might be feeding his own number. I would never accuse anyone of something like that but I also didn’t think Ben Simmons haircut would hit like it did yesterday. If he really wants to prove he’s not feeding his own numbers he would tweet and facebook this blog the same way he does his own. If it does well that proves he’s just got a strong following. So your move Anthony Joseph.


3. Ali is beginning to get into the mud with Bobby Cotton. She claims to be a woman of pride and dignity, so imagine my shock when I saw this today.

I won’t get into the contents of the article so you can look yourself. (You’re welcome Ali for free clicks.)

4. The North East guys have to be hammered. Just no other reason they haven’t made a peep. If Team CEO Joe loses I might end up just getting them to do the live stream punishment themselves.

5. We’re putting up huge numbers so win or lose I win.

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