Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Marriage Falling Apart?

Breaking news coming out of LA at this hour:


Trouble in paradise?!  Apparently, Harry misses his jolly old mates in England.

“Wah wah wah.  I’m unhappy in my $18 million mansion, with my smoke show wife, in the most beautiful climate in the world.”  That’s a direct quote from Prince Harry.

There are few things in this world that really piss me off to my core, but one of them is when filthy rich celebrities complain about the “hardships” of their glamorous lives.  Am I supposed to feel bad for this dude?  He spent his entire life up until now as literally a prince.  Then he meets his wife, who is a 12 by the way, and then says “fuck you” to the royal family to move to LA with her and live like a movie star.  Fuuuucckkkkk outtttt of hereeeeeeeeee Harry.  You’re not getting any sympathy from me.  The only reason I kind of liked you in the first place is because you look like my lord & savior, Carson Wentz.

I guess the mayor of LA’s dumb ass decision to lock LA down for another three months was enough to put Harry over the edge.




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