Meet Colorado State Smoke: Natasha Burke


Nothing better in life than a hot chick, am I right guys?

Look, we’re in the midst of a full on blog war over here. I burn the midnight oil using both my left and my right side brain to craft together some witty sentences about the injustice of Trae Young’s hair, and you guys just click on every blog with a set of perky tits. A blog we posted yesterday has 700 views and there are 38 words total, one of which was the girls name. Punctuation is missing. I’m losing a blog off competition against a slideshow. Who else can pull in clicks like queen of the perky tits Kate Upton.
Unfortunately I do not have a featured smoke to put pictures of in here. Are these girls really that hard to find? Why does everyone have to feature them? Buck up and pay for OnlyFans you horny assholes. These Instagram girls need to stop giving this shit away for free. Let the 7’s and below take the cheap ones.
If I started posting blogs with pictures of hot college guys at UCLA it wouldn’t get nearly as many clicks because women don’t care. We need more than a still hi-res image with some six pack photoshop contour to give out a full click on a blog.
So instead of some bikini ass shots, here’s my best friends dog longingly staring at a cannoli.

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Begging for nana Karen’s Mother’s Day cannolis like

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Also if this blog does not do well CEO Joe is for sure paying for clicks and I demand justice.
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