Mack One, Marry One, Kill One: One Tree Hill Edition

AJ Torres

Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb and say everyone has had of or played this game one time in their lives. I am bringing this game back because I am curious of everyone’s answers. Our selections will be the main female stars on the show (Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, and Haley James.)

First, we will start off with Peyton Sawyer. A tall and pretty blonde who has a rebellious side to her. Often portraying her emotions through art and music due to the death of her mother. Peyton has a good heart and always means well in anything she does, but she does evidently goes behind her best friends Brooke’s back and sneaks around with her boyfriend at the time Lucas Scott.

Second, we have Brooke Davis. Now this one is an absolute smoke show. From her looks, flirtation, to her raspy voice. Let me say she starts the show off as bit of hussy. That changes once she starts to date Lucas Scott who ends up cheating on her with Peyton. Brooke therefore goes back to her old ways and becomes a bit of a bitch.

Lastly, Haley James. She is your typical wifey type. Hayley is cute, innocent (at first), and has that mother factor to her peronsality. She must be special since she turned bad boy jock Nathan Scott (her boyfriend/husband Katerina the show) into a good man. She becomes a musician and was a good one at that. Though she is sweet and innocent majority of the show, she has a her moment of disloyalty. On tour she ends up smacking lips with her your mate Chris Keller.

All in all, all girls have their pros and cons. Now it’s time for you to decide who you would like to mack, marry, kill.


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