Lincoln Riley Is Big Time Against Bringing Players Back


ESPN:Oklahoma football coach Lincoln Riley said Thursday that any talk of bringing players back to campus in a matter of weeks is too soon.

“All the talk about these schools wanting to bring players back on June 1 is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard,” Riley said in a Zoom chat with reporters. “We’ve got to be patient. We have one good shot at it.”

“It would be completely irresponsible to bring these guys in too early,” he said. “We need to bring these guys in as late as we can. Every day they come in could be a day we could’ve gotten better, learned more about the virus, the [personal protection equipment] gets better, a day closer to a vaccine, the testing capabilities get better. It’s just not worth it.”

Wild to hear Riley come out and say it. Not because he’s wrong, he’s probably not, but wild because a big time D1 football coach to come out and say it is risky. You basically are risking upsetting half of the people in the country. We’re so divided right now that you can’t just be in the middle. You’re either on one side or the other. So this is a big balls move by Riley here.

I pray to God that the season starts on time. I can’t go an entire season without college football. Pump noise in, no fans, anything. Just give me football. The season is already too short. You put your head down and by the time you look up its already conference championship week. No season would be soul crushing.

Featured Image: The Oklahoman

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