LeSean McCoy Says Spoiling Avengers Endgame Was The Worst Decision Of His Life

LeSean McCoy has been accused of domestic abuse and assaulting a police officer, but tweeting out the spoilers to Avengers Endgame last year was “the worst decision of his life.”

Not realizing that people watch super hero movies “like that” is just an unbelievable excuse from Shady here, but sadly I believe him. A lot of grown men at home must have shuttered a bit when he dropped the “I’m 31…” Like normal people are out here spending half a paycheck to go to the movies with some snacks and Shady just assumes no one really cares like that.

At the time he got a lot of hate for spoiling the ending of Endgame. Does this explanation help super hero movie guys move on? I mean he didn’t even spell the characters name right.

Why did the Avengers people give him permission to screen the movie early anyways? Is that just what it’s like to be rich?



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