Jason Myrtetus Drops A 24 Team NHL Playoff Bracket That I’d Be All In For


Look we all want sports back bad. Almost anything we get you’re going to go nuts for no questions asked. NHL playoffs are already the most exciting playoffs out there so you spice it up like this and I’m ready to jump through a brick wall. For all the hockey purest out there that would turn their nose up to this need to realize something. Nothing like what is going on has ever happened before. Meaning you’re going to get things like, any hockey is better than no hockey.

I’m actually surprised so many people are complaining. Like Justin here.

Then don’t watch Justin. My God. We’ve been sportsless for over two months and you want to cry because the playoffs don’t tickle your fancy. Take a hike kid.

Sounds like this would be best of 3 for the play ins and regular best of 7 after that. Honestly, perfect. I see nothing wrong with this what so ever. Drop the puck and let’s play some hockey.

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