James Harrison Admitted Mike Tomlin Gave Him An “Envelope” After Hit On Mohamed Massaquoi And Watch No One Care


Following up on my earlier piece from 2018, Mike Tomlin is a pile of trash, I guess it’s time to add onto it.

Former New England Patriots great James Harrison went on Barstool’s Going Deep podcast and got caught with a slip of just a little too much information.

“I ain’t gonna lie to you, when that happened, right?” Harrison said. “The G-est thing Mike Tomlin ever did, he handed me an envelope after that. . . . I ain’t gonna say what, but he handed me an envelope after that.”

The hit in question was in 2010 against Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi and got him fined $75K. Remember, Venmo wasn’t thing in 2010.

Kind of embarrassing for Mike Tomlin if that’s really the g-est thing he ever did.

Fortunately for Mike Tomlin though, he coaches the Pittsburgh Steelers, so probably no one will care about this story. Imagine if someone just screamed in the NFL’s face that Bill Belichick as much as sent someone an edible arrangement after a huge hit? It would be on every news ticker, Twitter would be whipping back out the cheater memes and Roger Goodell would possibly consider stripping the Patriots of a title or two.

But as the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin giving James Harrison a few extra bucks towards the fine is a non-story. As of this moment we haven’t heard any statements from anyone in the NFL. By now even TMZ has inquired.

The only hope of this becoming a real story is if Saints fans get involved. I mean if this is actually true, and why wouldn’t it be, this is exactly what Sean Payton did. Out of principle alone the NFL really should suspend Tomlin.

Also a total non-story, James Harrison may be the scariest person on Earth.


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