Eagles Fans Named Top 5 Most Passionate Fan Bases…But the Rankings Still Stink Out Loud


Forbes recently composed their extensive list of most passionate fan bases in the NFL. Dangerous game they are playing to give us something to debate when there are no sports and nothing else to talk about. Have you seen the debate on Get Up about top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL? They are like tigers when the scraps from the local Wal-Mart arrive!

The Eagles were credited as a top 5 fan base, but they were fifth overall. I’ve been to enough tailgates in Jetro Lot to know that we are being severely underrated in this Forbes list. That one guy did not spend years hustling people in the parking lots by shotgunning beers in 0.0000001 seconds to be ranked fifth. Honestly, it’s disrespectful to him and his family to have our fan base this low.

So which fan bases beat out the Eagles for the Core 4 slots? Get ready for this HORSE SHIT:


1) Green Bay Packers

Cheeseheads are willing to marry, divorce, remarry—even abandon their mothers—for a shot at tickets. No wonder: The season-ticket waiting list has 137,000 names on it, and 99% of current holders renew every year. 

Wow, congrats to the Packers fans on being named the #1 fan base because they don’t realize StubHub exists. I’m like 60,000 on the Eagles season ticket waiting list. I would like some recognition for it, because Lord knows this is the only Forbes list I’m making in my life.

2) New England Patriots

The Tom Brady juggernaut is considered one of the best football teams of all time—and one of the most controversial. One fan started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay a $1 million fine after the Deflategate cheating scandal. 

Yeah, we’ll see if they stick around now that Brady is gone. It’s really easy being a passionate fan when you roll out of bed every year and play in the Super Bowl.

3) New Orleans Saints

A full 75% of New Orleans residents identify as Saints fans—second in the NFL to Green Bay’s 82% with the Packers—helping to make the “Who Dat” nation’s social media following four times as big as the city’s population of 1.3 million. 

This is the one that makes me irate. I would write an entire blog about Saints fans being the worst and not deserving #3 but it would make me physically fucking ill. if it were up to m, they’d finish 33rd in this ranking. I have heard from Eagles fans that travel to all the road games that the Superdome is the loudest stadium they’ve ever been to. But enough nice things about this fan base. Their social media following is so cringe-worthy and pouty that it offsets anything they accomplish on gameday. Do you think they’ll throw another parade protesting the fact they finished third again in a competition?


4) Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are the biggest show in town, with more locals identifying as fans of the black and yellow than for the city’s hockey and baseball franchises. Next stop: making the Terrible Towel the official state flag.

I can live with this one. They are a great fan base who travels well. The Terrible Towel is always flying high. Plus I’m so exasperated from seeing the Saints ahead of us that I can’t think of any mean things to say about Pittsburgh. I’m just too worked up by the existence of Saints Twitter. Also, the terrible towel would not be the state flag for very very obvious reasons.



So there you have it. Four fan bases that have been deemed more passionate than Philadelphia fans. Don’t believe it? Neither do I. And, I doubt any fan bases ahead of the Eagles have someone like this on their side:

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