“Done Deal” That Networks Will Use Fake Crowd Noise For Games If Fans Aren’t Allowed In


Turns out, the Falcons weren’t cheaters after all! They were just ahead of their time!

Joe Buck is seemingly a reliable source seeing as he calls the games as the head honcho at Fox. So, if he says the network will be pumping in artificial crowd noise, I believe him. It’s honestly not the worst idea ever as it gives us fans a semblance of realness when it comes to games without crowds. BUT, how real are we talkin here?! If there isn’t a huge “Asshole” chant when the officials make a terrible call at The Linc, then keep your BS noise track. We want some true authenticity here!


The article also mentions the use of virtual fans so that a shot of the stadium will make it appear as if it is full. Could do without it. But let me help you out here, NFL. Instead of showing virtual fans, show fans with live cams in their living rooms reaction to the plays as they unfold. The content that would come out of that would give us more authenticity than a shot of a bunch of Wii characters cheering inside a fake full NFL stadium.


I would volunteer for the NFL Fan Live Cam (will be trademarking this) but the country doesn’t want to see me vehemently screaming two inches away from my television screen until I’m violently red in the face and sweating because Jalen Mills let another receiver get behind him again.


If it were up to me, the NFL would be using the same soundtrack as the original Backyard Football PC game. But I appreciate them giving us the feel of a normal NFL season.

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