Disgruntled Cowboys Call Dak Contract “Elephant in the Room”

Let me play a sad song for ya on the world’s smallest violin.


Welcome to the reality of winning in the NFL after your quarterback is off his rookie deal. No one feels bad for you. The Eagles and the Rams wrapped this elephant up a year ahead of time so they didn’t have to deal with a circus like this.


But this is the exact circus a team like the Cowboys wants. They’ll eventually cave and make Dak Prescott the highest paid player in the NFL, surpassing Russell Wilson’s mark with $35 million. But, in the meantime, we will all pay attention to what’s going on in Dallas. The talk shows will debate whats best for the Cowboys and if Dak is worth it. The news cycle in a slow time will be dominated by the Dallas Cowboys. It’s exactly how the Cowboys want it to be. It’s all about the flash and never about the production.


The Cowboys process with Dak is going to be a lot like going through a haunted house. You know what you’re getting yourself into, you get scared half the death throughout the entire thing, but at the end you walk out and everything is back to normal. Just give him the money so we can stop hearing about it.


And while we are on the topic of quarterbacks who aren’t as good as Carson Wentz, here is Dan Orlovsky getting so fired up about the Dak vs Wentz debate, he had to rip his coat off to roast Dominque Foxworth.

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