Dave Portnoy Vs Tom Arnold Is Not A Battle I Was Expecting


Everyone who knows Dave knows that he speaks his mind and doesn’t back down when he has something he needs to say. Yesterday he put out a video that has 1.6 million views on Instagram and 4.3 million views on Twitter talking about what’s going on with reopening the country and how we went from we need to flatten the curve to now we need to find a cure. While I think some of his comparisons are a bit off, an airborne virus is a bit different then cancer and aids, he does make decent points. Some people got upset, as people do on the internet. Tom Arnold took issue, yes that Tom Arnold.

Dave had his funny little remark but the gold is really found when you look at the replies to Toms tweet.

Good to know he’s still in fighting shape even though he looks like a raisin.

Tom really is just your old grandpa who swears he’s got one good hook left in him.

Tom has become a shell of himself, which doesn’t say much. Replying to tweets about something that has nothing to do with you is a tough look but aging celebrities will do what they do best, die loudly. Tougher look when the guy you’re yelling at on Twitter genuinely thought you died. Hate to see it.

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