Dak & Wentz 2020 MVP Odds Are Out. Sportsbooks Disrespecting Wentz..?


The Dak vs Wentz, Wentz be Dak debate will never end. Probably until both of their careers are over. But… I bet that won’t even end the debate.

They will forever be linked together after both being selected in the same draft. Wentz 2nd overall and Dak in the 4th.

And, of course being the QB’s for two of the biggest rivals in football. Of course there are logical fans on both sides. But for the most part Dallas fans say Dak is better and Eagles fans say Wentz is better.

Check out who Vegas thinks has a better chance for winning the 2020 MVP.

I mean, even as a Cowboys fan I think that’s pretty disrespectful to Wentz. But, I am also not a WE DEM BOYZ I ONLY RIDE WITH DAK kind of Cowboys fan. (We are few are far between.)

I’m sure the “talent” around each QB is worked into this. Dak arguably has the best WR Corp in the NFL as well as has Zeke in his backfield.

I’m also sure they put the “Wentz injury issues” worked into the lines as well. Whether you think that is fair or not, I’m sure Vegas worries about Wentz playing all 16.

I think Caesars is obviously a bit outrageous. Dak at 9-1 and Wentz is at 35-1. I mean… Come on.

Philly Fans… Dallas Fans…

What are your thoughts on these odds?


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