Wentz vs Dak – An Unbiased View


Today we will begin to attempt to answer the age old question:

Who you got – Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott?

Well lucky for you I am diving into the topic to see if I can display an unbiased argument to allow you – the reader – to make the choice yourself. I will not be stating my opinion or skewing any stat – this is an attempt have a fair discussion regarding two elite NFC QBs.

Today we will be looking at JUST THE 2019 SEASON.

If you think that looking at just the 2019 season is too small of a sample size or I picked unfair statistics, lucky for you we will be looking at career averages, career totals, & much more in the upcoming posts. This is only the 1st part in a long series.

Today’s viz compares the 2019 season using these 7 categories: Total INTs, Total TDs, QB Rating, Bad Throws, Yards Per Game, Total Completions, & On Target Throws.

As you can see from the viz – Dak Prescott was superior to Carson Wentz in 5 of 7 statistics shown: Total Tds, QB Rating, Bad Throws, YPG, and On Target Throws. Wentz was superior to Dak in only 1 category – Total Interceptions. They also had the exact same amount of completions.

From this graphic and these statistics, it appears Dak has the upper hand. What do you think?

Stay tuned for next time as we continue this deep dive into Wentz vs Dak.

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Cover Photo Source: USA Today

Graphic Photo Source: ESPN.com

Data Source: pro-football-reference.com

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