The LA Rams Finally Unveiled Their New Uniforms And….


I am withholding a negative comment because I know somewhere a design team worked hard on these. The internet will not be as kind.


The much bigger issue to me is the constant change of uniforms on an almost yearly basis. It’s cool in college, not so much in the NFL. But watch this timeline:

the Rams change jerseys more than people change the filter in their refrigerators water dispenser.

The Rams have done a phenomenal job of isolating any semblance of a fan base any chance they get. They uplifted from St. Louis and left a loyal fan base for a city where they share fans. As if fans in that city care at all. Todd Gurley face of the franchise, he’s gone. Now the jersey turnover thing.

I get wanting to create a new era, playing in what will be a new, State if the art stadium. Having new uniforms to match that stadium debut is a good thought. But what the Rams franchise needs right now is a little stability.

One last thought: Week 2, Eagles home opener against these Rams. I can mentally withstand losing to Jared Goff as it is, but please don’t lose to Goff and the Rams wearing THAT.







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