Phillip Dorsett Said He Made A Mistake Re-Signing With Patriots Last Year Instead Of Going To Seattle And Frankly I Agree


There’s just no chance I’m going to watch a live Phillip Dorsett interview. I’m taking this news report at its word from reading this quote because 17 minutes is just 17 too many to listen to Phillip Dorsett on a Zoom call.

“I could have come (to Seattle) last year, but I chose to stay in New England,” he said.

“I didn’t want to make that mistake again.”

In an interview with The News Tribune (the most basic newspaper name by the way), PD13 says he should maybe should not have wasted a roster spot during Tom Brady’s last year in New England and should have went to Seattle instead, where he was for sure the difference between a Seahawks championship.

There have been more than 40 Phillip Dorsett’s in Patriots history and there will be 40 more. Honestly if given the chance I’d void the trade that sent him here to keep Jacoby. Combined 1 catch for 19 yards in his two Super Bowl appearances. If the Patriots get you a Super Bowl ring and not the other way around I don’t think you should be legally allowed to even imply anything negative about them after you leave.

If he’s on the 2020 cap hit at all this year I’m pissed. I don’t really care the context there was just no need to say it. I’m sorry was it a huge hassle to play with Tom Brady, try to gain his trust and be even a shadow of Brandon Llyod?

Instead Phillip chose the Dion Lewis path. I hope this finds a way to get back to Bill Belichick and I pray someday we get to watch the documentary of him watching clips like this one of Dorsett on an iPad.

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