Is Every Single Fanbase Soft?


The answer to the simple question in the headline is… Yes. Yes they are.

If you are just getting out from underneath your rock and don’t know… I am a diehard Cowboys fan, who’s married to an Eagles fan. And yes, I am also a Yankees and Notre Dame fan. (No not the Lakers too, thank you.)

But, I know a thing or two about fanbases being, soft. I mean I live 45 min north of Philly, and they are softer than Charman Ultra Soft, am I right?

Kidding, Philly “Phans” you don’t need to flip the fuck out. But see… You wanted to, which makes you soft.

Anyway, every single fanbase is soft. Yes, I am including my fanbases within this. I am a Cowboys fan but I can’t freakin stand the Cowboys Fanbase.

They can’t even have a logical conversation about Dak possibly not being the next coming of Jesus Christ, which he is not. He’s a top 10-12 QB in the league.

And Eagles fans, I mean they even flip out at each other about their former Super Bowl MVP and their current Ginger Jesus. Again, inability to have a real conversation. Because if someone might have a small disagreement in your thought… THEY SUCK AND THEY ARE WRONG AND DON’T KNOW SHIT.

But again… This isn’t just about Philly and Dallas. It’s about every Fanbase. Except maybe Miami because they could fucking care less about their teams unless they have Dan Marino or Lebron. Fair weather yes, soft… They don’t care enough.

Anywhere else around the country or around the world, soft. As soon as maybe someone calls their baby (team) slightly ugly, they erupt. You can call it passion, I call it soft. Offended so easily.

And this even goes within a Fanbase. Take my favorite Cowboys analyst Shan Shariff from 105.3 the fan. If he as much as says “Dak should work on his intermediate throws this offseason….”

He’s immediately labeled a Dak hater. WHAT?! So, just because he’s a fan of the team or covers the team he has to kiss the ground they walk on?

People, just because he says the team is beatable, doesn’t mean he’s a hater. It simply means he’s a realist. And actually, intelligent/uses what his eyes are showing brain. Rather than just yelling..


See Philly, I think my Fanbase is soft too, you can relax now.

All I am trying to say is be passionate but be logical. Stop flipping out if someone says “I think Dak is 6 and Wentz is 7.”

P.S. Having DALLAS SUCKS or PHILLY BLOWS or FACK BASTAN in your twitter bio… Makes you the ultimate soft serve ice cream.

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