Donovan McNabb or Mike Vick: Which Eagles Quarterback Did You Enjoy Watching More?


Really great debate created by our friend Russ Joy at Crossing Broad. We were once foes on the set of Philly Pheud, but today we are friends.


So, here is his tweet that went viral and got the wheels spinning.


It’s a really interesting debate that may be having people leaning a different way over time, and for a multitude of reasons.


Donovan McNabb, by every metric, was a better quarterback during his tenure as an Eagle. He played more games, threw more touchdown passes and passed for more yards. McNabb along with Andy Reid were the foundation cornerstones for a successful culture change that occurred at the turn of the century that continues today. 5 NFC Championship Game appearnces is nothing to scoff at. They woke up, rolled over and won the NFC East. Donovan played with a broken leg; he played with cracked ribs too.  It was the toughness that resonates with Philadelphia. But now, Donovan the analyst may taint Donovan the football player. Some fans look at him with disdain now because of the shade he throws Carson Wentz’ way. He also has an ongoing (neverending) beef with Terrell Owens. The two were 1 game away from a Super Bowl, then had a falling out and never got back. It’s a cloud of smoke over what was actually a great era.


Then, there’s Michael Vick. Nobody has ever made an Eagles uniform look cooler than Mike Vick. And that may be one of the reasons people seem to adore him so much. He was more than a football player, he was a cultural icon. He was the Allen Iverson of football. Everything Vick did from the way he dressed to the way he ran, people wanted to emulate. Vick’s introduction to the Eagles was electric and he saved us from the torture of watching Kevin Kolb play (that might be enough to have him win this). Despite his short tenure here, Vick was responsible for some of the most iconic Eagles games in the team’s history. Monday Night Massacre. Miracle at the Meadowlands. When Michael Vick took the field for the Eagles, we as fans had fun. But, Vick never won a single playoff game in Philadelphia. Donovan McNabb never won the big one, but he sure as hell did a lot of winning. Vick’s tenure was a flash; he was the new cool kid in school. But it didn’t get the Eagles any closer to a ring.


What are your thoughts? If you had a Field of Dreams moment and could watch one of these two quarterbacks play a game again, who would you choose: Donovan McNabb or Mike Vick?

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