Butthurt Saints Fans Are At It Again


Some ‘writer’ for The Canal St. Chronicles decided to look at what would have happened if the Saints didn’t lose to the Vikings in 2017. Well they did lose, like big fat losers. They played shockingly bad defense on the final play of the game and lost. The Saints are the most unlucky fan base on the planet. Real shame I guess.

New Orleans fans never heard the phrase, ‘no need to cry over spilled milk.’ Because all they do is cry. They ruined pass interference by basically demanding the NFL change the rules due to one bad call. Waaaahhh waaahhh waaahhh. But whatever, they’re baby back bitches who cares right? Well me now that they are tossing this non sense around.

Hold up, so in this make believe world you live in Hayden Reel, which is an insanely bad name. In your world they beat the Eagles just because? You’re telling me you’re basing your ‘article’ on the fact that Alvin Kamara said so? Ok well Doug Pederson and every 52 Eagles players say you wouldn’t have. Does that put your argument to rest? Also hey Alvin, “we was rolling,” no yous wasn’t. Because, and let me make sure I’m being very clear here, YOU LOST IN THE DIVISIONAL ROUND BECAUSE YOU’RE A LOSER!

Or as Torrey Smith, a member of the Super Bowl winnig Philadelphia Eagles of 2017 the year the Saints didn’t even make the NFC Championship, puts it…

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