We Need All-In Challenges From Lenny Dykstra & Coach Brown.


Celebrities have been doing the All-In Challenge, along with other giveaways to benefit different charities during the pandemic.

You could win a round of golf with Justin Timberlake, be in a movie with Robert DeNiro. Hell… Dave Portnoy is going to watch a Monday Night Football game with Roger Goddell from his “man cave.”

All of those are great, but there are two major people I would love to see the ability to win stuff with. Lenny Dykstra and Coach Brown from Last Chance U. What you win wouldn’t even need to be elaborate from either of them.

Imagine winning a day with Lenny. You can just sit with him slamming drinks, talk about his glory days playing with the Mets and Phils. Getting brought to school with his sex tips.

Hell, or if you are sick of your wife after quarantine… Lenny will just come over and have sex with her for ya!

That sounds like a day that anyone would pay millions for. The giveaway for a day with Lenny might single handedly raise enough money to cure COVID.

And, coach Brown. Yup, I’m all in. You get to hang out with him in his backyard in Cali. Smoking cigars, grilling burgers, having him call you a slapdick all day and hoping on his podcast with him. I think a day with coach Brown would be the most non-bullshit day of your life.

And, as a bonus you would probably head home with a couple of bottles of his new alcohol that you know for damn sure is gonna get you all fucked up.

Spending a day with either of these dudes would be legit. Let’s get it going fellas!


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