USC vs Alabama “Isn’t Happening”, Pac 12 Likely Won’t Play Football Until Spring 2021

Everyone is familiar with the term “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” right? Well, it just felt like when California made the announcement that students won’t be allowed on campuses until 2021, the rumors in the sports world were starting to make sense. Paul Finebaum reported today on Get Up that Alabama’s athletic department is looking to readjust their schedule to account for games that may not be able to be played. Bama is currently in talks with TCU to play in a season opener kickoff in September in Arlington, TX.


That matchup was supposed to be USC vs Alabama. Now, this news:


Without students on campuses in California until 2021, it puts the PAC 12 floating in a great unknown. For them, a conference with four California based schools, the most relatable scenario would be to play the upcoming College Football season in the Spring semester of 2021.


But, if other schools are given the green light to start their season on time, it leaves them at a disadvantage given a quarter of their teams aren’t even allowed to show up for school. It doesn’t stop with the PAC 12, other schools will be impacted too depending on location and infection rate. There is an imbalance between teams who can start on time and teams who need a delayed season. Will they get left out in the dark.

The cancellation of USC vs Alabama seems to be the beginning of a domino effect that is careening towards a messy situation for NCAAFB. On the same day California tells students not to return for the rest of the calendar year, Arizona says sports with no fans can start taking place next week.

There is no right answer. There is no foundation to go off of. College Football is going to have to walk a tightrope to pull a season off, and millions of dollars for universities hang in the balance.

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