Tony Hawk Announces Remastering Of Tony Hawk’s 1&2

AJ Torres

Huge news for the gaming world. If you were a kid growing up in the late 90s early 00s, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was THE game to have. Everyone wanted to get their hands on the game. The tricks, challenges, and visuals at the time were ahead of their time. Well now we all are getting a gift from the past. Tony Hawk announced on twitter that he is remastering Pto Skater 1&2.

The one thing about Tony Hawks Pro Skater that ranked it along the best games ever made was the soundtrack. The game has so many classics playing as you skated. Well guess what, they’re bringing back majority of the soundtrack back. Some unfortunately didn’t make the cut due to licensing issues.

The remastering is being handled by Vicarious Visions who have handled the remaking of crash bandicoot which came out a couple years ago. Crash bandicoots remake has been praised by many gamers over the last few years. Vicarious Visions COO Simon Ebejer says “The challenge of a faithful remaster is knowing where to push the boundaries, and what to keep sacred,” he says. “It’s important to capture the original experience.” The goal, he explains, was to “make it feel like a game meant for 2020.” He also mentions that the core of the original games will be the same as far as controls and how it’s structured.

“We didn’t want the game to be ‘Okay, you play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1, and then play THPS2 and start over from scratch, just like you would have if you bought the games back in the day,” Ebejer says. “The meta that sits over top of everything allows players to not feel like they’re losing progress by playing either one of the games.”

Overall, this is a really big day in the gaming world. A childhood best cause back into fruition for many who loved the game in the past.


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