Tom Brady Put A “Columnist” In A Bodybag For Saying Josh McDaniels Is The Reason He Left


In a story that otherwise would have remained a sloppy bullet point in an argument between two drunk Massholes at a family Thanksgiving dinner, Tompa Brady is now free to straight up call out the media on his IG story.


I tried to find the article this story was based on but turns out it was just a random tweet from someone who refers to themselves as a “columnist” in his Twitter bio.

What “excellent source” is taking private Zoom calls with Gary Myers telling him about the intricacies of Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels 20 year relationship?? If there really is a source spreading this information please identify him for us so we can take care of it. You know we’re all familiar with The Departed in these parts, so if there’s a rat we gotta exterminate.

Gary decided to double down on his claim from his excellent source.

All of these things have nothing to do with each other. Josh McDaniels is not in charge of the team personnel. Everyone knows Tom Brady was not going to throw to receivers he didn’t trust, why do you think McDaniels shoved Sony Michel down our throats for 12 weeks? What was Tom Brady going to add to the playbook that Josh McDaniels was just like “nahh Tom I don’t even want to hear it we’re running Sony 1st and 2nd down maybe on 3rd I’ll let you throw to Edelman in the middle of the field where a free safety is leading with his helmet.”

It just makes no sense. Every sane person that read that tweet kept scrolling and went about their day. It went from 115 to 114 likes since I began writing this blog. Someone actively went to the tweet and removed their like. No one cared, no one believed this jamoke and no one would have even known he said it until Tom Brady posted it on his story. Tompa Tom couldn’t help himself with his new found voice.

Once word made it’s way from Instagram, to Gary’s 17 year old nephew, to Twitter and then back to Gary, he was quick to type up another 270 characters.

Again I don’t think these things have anything to do with each other, but I’m no columnist. Tom Brady seemed pretty pissed you insinuated his so called “brother” who he has had a relationship with for 20 years was part of the reason he stomped on our hearts and left us for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The BUCS!!!!

Here comes Gary to explain why he said frustration with Tom’s brother Josh McDaniels are what drove him out of New England.

giphy (1)

Just kidding, that was Gary trying to make his way off Tom Brady’s list. No one has ever been more concerned about Brady reax more than the guy “not concerned about Brady reax.” You’re concerned buddy. You should be. Just what Tom Brady needs, some bulletin board material


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