Patriots Have The Toughest Schedule This Year But Can They Still Win Their Division?


The NFL released their schedules last week and the Pats didn’t get the easiest run of games. In fact they got the hardest. You can’t base everything off of strength of schedule and for the most part I think it is usually bullshit but for now it is all we have to go off of. The Pats opponents had a combined winning percentage last year of .537 and went 137-118-1. It doesn’t matter though. This isn’t some rah rah rant on how the Pats have Belichick so they’re good, they do and they will be but that isn’t what this blog is about. I just think this team is still good.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve taken some hits on both sides of the ball and we may have drafted a Nazi, the jury is still out, this team is still good. The offensive struggle are probably still going to show up and need to be worked out but it can be worked out. I’ve been pretty vocal about not wanting to go into the season with Stidham as the guy but here we are, time to get on the train.

What is a realistic record for the Patriots?

I think they’ll either go 4-2 or 3-3 within their division. I think they’ll start the year 2-2. It is going to be a grind this year, we aren’t used to a season like this. There are a few games I would mark down as scheduled losses but there are free wins ready to be taken.

Week 1 vs Miami, Week 3 vs Vegas, Week 12 vs Arizona, Week 13 at LA Chargers and Week 17 vs NY Jets should all be a win. Shouldn’t have to think twice about it, those are dubs.

Week 2 at Seattle, Week 4 at Kansas City, Week 8 at Buffalo, and Week 10 vs Baltimore I would put down as losses.

Just those games has the Patriots at 5-4. That means we have 8 games to work with still. These won’t be easy, vs San Fran? That’s going to be really hard, winnable but very hard. Losing to Baltimore at home then going to Houston? Going to be a tough game, very winnable though. The Rams game will be tough, hell even at home vs Buffalo is going to be a dog fight but these are games that they can win.

It is between the Patriots and the Bills this year in the AFC East. Wild card is on the table but we don’t do wild cards. We win divisions.

What’s a realistic record for the Patriots? 11-5 feels doable and enough to win the division. It won’t be easy but if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun.

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