Need To Spice Up Your Zoom Calls? Business Meeting Bingo Is Here To Save The Day


Let’s face it, Zoom meetings suck. No one is fully engaged, everyone is either thinking about their first drink of the day or praying their toddler doesn’t scream bloody murder or both. Every meeting no matter what company you work for is basically the same thing. Trying to find the ‘long hanging fruit’ and how do we ‘move the needle’ during the quarantine. I’ll be in the back napping.

So Erika Nardini on her latest episode of Token CEO, which is an amazing behind the curtain podcast that I highly recommend, came up with Buzzword Bingo. And just taking a glance at these boards, I think I’ve already had bingo twice today.

This is all you’ll need to spice up your meetings. My opinion, send these to a few of your close co workers. Not Diane, that bitch can’t keep a secret to save her life. You fire this over to her and next thing you know you have a to have a virtual sit down with your boss to talk about ‘better use of your time.’ Send this to the guys and gals that you enjoy talking to at the Christmas party. Really want to take it to another level, add a drinking element to it. Every time Doug say a buzz word drink. Call it getting buzzed on buzzes.

Now I think there are a few easy wins missing:

  • “Sorry I was on mute”
  • Synergy
  • Holistic approach

Consider these the free spaces.

Any who, get these into your Zoom meeting rotations and let’s spice of our lives.

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