ICYMI: The Office Cast Once Again Proves Why They Are The Greatest Of All Time!

If you are one of the 3 The Office haters… You are going to want to close out of this blog right now. (But thanks for the click.)

The Office is simply one of the best shows that has ever graced our TV’s. And, the cast has shown time after time that they can’t be beat.

Last month, Jim (John Krasinski) started SGN. Something Good News. He started it during the pandemic to bring smiles and happiness during this crazy time.

Remember how beautiful Jim & Pam’s wedding was? Remember have graceful the dance down the isle was? If you forgot…

Well John hosted a wedding on Zoom during SGN for two The Office super fans, and he invited a few friends.

I mean… Hilarious, incredible and perfect. Kevin had the damn tissue box shoes on, Dwight was perfectly Dwight…


Just perfect.


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