Happy 1 Year Anniversary of the Worst Day in 76ers History

Alex Ortiz

Ah, May 12th, the one year anniversary of this:

This has to be the most heartbreaking moment in 76ers history. This shot is one of those, you never forget where you were esque moments. For me, I was in my friends garage, where I proceeded to take my anger out on his door:


Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals , the Sixers were on the brink of reaching the NBA finals. Looking back on this moment a year later, it’s mind-boggling to think the Sixers were three bad bounces away from potentially going to the Eastern finals.

It’s such a shame, because the Raptors ended up winning the finals against the depleted Warriors. That’s obviously looking past the Bucks in the East, but you have to think the Sixers can carry the momentum and win that series. Last Year the Sixers played the Bucks well all year. You obviously have to think if the 76ers were able to win that game 7, hypothetically,  they could have been 2019 NBA champions. But that’s just the way 76ers basketball goes. They draw you in buying into the hype, just to rip your heart out and frustrate the hell out of you.


This  Embiid gif summarizes how I feel today. One year anniversary of the worst day in 76ers fans history, and we have no basketball on top of it. You hate to see it.

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