David Akers Tells The Story About The Ponzi Scheme Him And Other Eagles Lost Millions In

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$70 million is insane. Akers doesn’t say exactly how much money he lost himself but when you use the term “life time amount,” it’s a ton. It’s an upsetting amount basically is what I am trying to say. The kind of money that you can’t believe he is laughing about now. If I lost millions I would make it my person mission to find this man and end his life. Every NFL player should get 5 minutes with this guy. Akers should line up his nut sack like he’s getting ready to hit a game winning 50+ yard field goal. Knock those things through his nose. Wild wild story. Amazing that they could get this past so many NFL players and their agents/lawyers. Probably could have stopped at like $50 million and laid low for the rest oof your life but to each their own.

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